Why We Should Chat

Winning Skills have been successfully running PreSales skills workshops, keynotes and coaching since 2015.

Our Founder and Chief PreSales Evangelist, Don Carmichael, accumulated over 30 years of PreSales experience before founding Winning Skills. Don worked directly for large and small Technology Companies, Startups, Partners, Value Added Resellers (VAR) and spent 8 years as Head of PreSales Development, EMEA, at Oracle and SAP.

Don dearly wanted to give something back to the craft and profession he loves.

We've come a long way since 2015. Our clients now include big names like Adobe, Deloitte, Informatica, SurveyMonkey and SAP and many, many smaller to medium-sized and up-and-coming Technology companies. They're all at the top of their game whether it's banking, blockchain, databases, customer experience or cyber. We love them all.

Right now, PreSales Leaders are being challenged with doing more with less, refocusing on 'Ruthlessly efficient Discovery', becoming more effective in the sales cycle, scaling and accelerating everything; enablement, onboarding, influencing, the demand for more and earlier Demos, the move to media creation, especially video; increased demand from Customer Success, BDRs, Marketing, Partner Management; the list goes, on and on. It's really not easy.

Technology companies come to us because they want both the personal touch and content that can be customised for them. They want their trainer and workshop facilitator to be the content author, not a contract facilitator; they want someone who has a reputation, credibility, authenticity, experience and a voice in the PreSales profession, someone recognised as a thought leader and someone both your experienced and new team members will trust.

Nikhil Sarma | Manager, Solutions Engineering, EMEA | Contentful


Winning Skills' "Value Discovery Maps helped a Senior SE on my team achieve a 94% win rate in a single quarter"

Rob Dean | Head of PreSales | The Access Group


"...fantastic takeaways, insights and ideas to drive PreSales excellence"

Christine Higgs | CRO | Sova Assessments


"Professional, practical and completely relevant to a SaaS environment... 10 out of 10 in my opinion"

Martin Jermyn | Director | Deloitte


"...amazing feedback from the Deloitte team, they all got a lot out of it"