Why We Should Chat

The Four Perfect PreSales skills

Check out this 4-minute video on my thoughts on the Three Perfect SE/PreSales skills.

Objection Handling for PreSales

I developed this new objection handling tool, PIIITCH™, after finding the techniques taught to AEs and BDRs weren't working for SE/PreSales. I explain why in the video. Thank you to Sami Focarino and everyone at Consensus for hosting this webinar.

Hello PreSales, Welcome To The Marketing Department

Check out my DEMOFEST 2022 Session on the future of the PreSales role, where Buyer's want to meet PreSales and how the shift to Buyer Enablement will see us all working for the 'Unified Commercial Engine' team. Consensus sign-in required.

Virtual Panel - To Discovery And Beyond

I joined John Care, Peter Cohan, Garin Hess and Julie Hansen to discuss virtual discovery strategies and best practices as part of the Consensus Scaling PreSales Webinar Series

PreSales 'Hireside' Chat

I joined John Hodgson and   of Bright Dynamics, the Enterprise Software PreSales and Leadership Recruiters, to discuss the PreSales profession and the impact the new world of Buyer Enablement will have on it.

DEMOFEST 2022 Keynote Panel - Demo Automation Category Creation

The PreSales profession seemed to go mad in 2021; all of a sudden analysts were creating new categories for the PreSales Tech stack and investors and VCs started piling cash into PreSales tools. I joined a busy panel with Chris White, Kerry Sokalsky, Dan Conway, Peter Cohan and Garin Hess, as host. Consensus sign-in required.

When Did PreSales Become Cool

Check out my DEMOFEST 2021 session

Why are Tech Investors in a feeding frenzy over the PreSales toolkit? Actually, why are so many entrepreneurs launching tools aimed at PreSales?

Why are some Tech companies hiring far more PreSales/SCs/SEs than Sales/AEs?

Why is the PreSales focus moving away from demos to influencing, advising, buyer coaching and thought leadership?

And most importantly, when did we become cool?