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The 'Future of PreSales' Podcast

The 'Future of PreSales' Podcast Series

In February 2023, Don started a new series of podcasts to specifically explore the evolution of the PreSales role. PreSales as a profession and craft is at a huge turning point. Buyers want the PreSales skill set at every single point of their Buying Journey not just at the point they want a Demonstration or Proof of Concept (PoC). This is creating a huge tension within the B2B Tech industry which has to find a resolution that focuses purely on Buyers. 

The Podcast will be a mix of personal thoughts and chats with key PreSales players and thought leaders who understand the need for new skill sets and new technology.  

The 'Future of PreSales' podcast is completely free and can be found where you normally get your podcasts from on Spotify, Apple, Google and Amazon Podcasts.

The 'Two PreSales In A Pod' Podcast

The 'Two PreSales In A Pod' Podcast Series

In September 2020, Adam Freeman (of The Access Group) and Don decided to see what would happen if they recorded their Covid pandemic 'lockdown' PreSales conversations. By January 2021 the podcast had zoomed past the magic marker of 10 episodes (most podcasts never make it past 10 episodes) and invited the brilliant Mark Green (now at Consensus) and Tom Edwards (now at BlackLine) to join as co-hosts.

By July 2022, we'd all recorded our 56th episode, recorded our first live, in-person episode, and become a permanent fixture in the PreSales world with a back catalogue consisting of a who's who of PreSales thought leaders as episode guests.

Two PreSales In a Pod is available on all the major podcast platforms including Spotify. Episodes are typically a workout, commute or dog-walk-friendly 30-minute length. Enjoy.

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